Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Monster Truck Safari Adventure

Game interface Language: English 
Hey! Buckle Up! Behind the wheel of these massive vehicles with giant tires to steer it! With 4x4 monster truck perform gut wrenching stunts! This game is about to get crazy! Spin around in the monster trucks to become the stunt champion! Jump over thrilling obstacles and speed through terrifying loops in coherent manner! This new stunt game is going to blow your mind, drive with no affliction or accident scratch! Get set for loads of adventures and ultimate jolt of joy! Grab the momentum of adrenaline monster metal giants, with ultimate superb suspension to stunt on gravel ramp and curve. Have fun with nerve wrecking experience. 

In game there are legend of monster truck which are fast as lightning with the speed like cars in this high monster truck game. After playing this game you will not feel like me is despicable. You will touch the sky with stunts and will feel yourself as airborne unlimited spiderman above the Asphalty or gravel ramps. It is totally a combat of modern era lika a gangstar in the city. It is like real car racing experience. Enjoy! The new metal giant race as Battle of Tanks, and be the heroes of chaos and disorder in arena. Grab your adrenaline gang showdown monster truck racing game. 

Take over full control of your own monster truck of destruction, and become the exquisite stunt master. With great suspension you will experience like an offroad truck driver, so Have your courageous ride on! Bring total commotion in arena. Paint the color of your madness. Enjoy! Your smash and crash mania. The greatest fiction ever. It will make you best monster truck driver, you can do speed monster stunts with monster truck. Ruin every single inch of arena with huge drifting of power pack machines, between crazy crowd. It is totally a frenzied experience. You will feel like an Alien Truck on planet earth.
Operating System: Android Gingerbread (2.3) - Nougat Marshmallow (7.0) or later