Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Racing Moto Tour

Package ID: com.coolfish.racingmototour 
Racing Moto Tour is a cool 3D bike racing game where you have to race a big gnarly chopper to the finish line, passing by all the race checkpoints on time. Its an awesome fast-paced biker adventure that will take you to the extremes of your riding capabilities! Your job is to show these other bikers how a chopper should really sound. Crank it up and show them whos Who! You need to get to each checkpoint before the clock runs out. Otherwise, youre out of the race! You have a choice of treacherous tracks to master. Choose wisely. Theres the Orange County Map, the East Texas Map, the Miami Map and the West Coast Map. Once you get moving, try and avoid all the other riders in order to keep your speed up. Alternatively, if youre feeling really mean, you can just shove them off the road! Most importantly, stay off the grass! If you hit the grass, you will slow down significantly and have to watch (in tears) as all the other riders blast past you. Drive sensibly! Keep an eye on the clock; if youre not fast enough, youre not good enough here. OK Boss, time to make mince out of these other losers! Lets fire up that beast!
Operating System: Android Donut (1.6) - Nougat Marshmallow (7.0) or later