Monday, February 26, 2018

Fruit Ninja Fight 1.0.0

Fruit Fruit Ninja Fight Introduced and accompanied by an extremely infinite amount of money! The style and style of the Fruit Ninja Fight game is exactly the same as the former Ninja Fruit, with the difference that instead of participating in the Fruit Cut Record Record, you are battling with online users around the world; yes, participating in 1V1 battles with online users around the world. Together for cutting delicious fruits! The screen is divided into two right and left sides; on the two sides of the screen, there are two rivals facing each other, one of them, and you should cut the fruits at high speed and increase your score, Of course, you should be careful not to touch the pungent fruit (with red dots)! At the corner of the screen, there are several power available to you to use and cut down on more fruits in a short time! If you’re a fan of the old Ninja Fruit game, Fruit Ninja Fight will undoubtedly attract your attention.


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