Monday, February 12, 2018

Grand Prix Story 2

Grand Prix Story 2 – Grand Prix 2 is a popular, entertaining, and entertaining multiplayer simulation game from Kairosoft Co., Ltd. for Android, which, at your request, updates its latest version with the release version for download. And it is before you. In the Grand Prix Story 2 game, as a player, you will lead a team of Grand Prix drivers and you need to bring your team to victory with good management! Lean and see how your cars, as they approach the finish line, break the speed record in the Grand Prix! Choose from several dozens of different cars of your choice, and then enter the tournament with its upgrade and customization, the ability to hire mechanics for the principled and professional customization of the cars, and also be able to hire a coach for your drivers. Make them more professional with different teachings! In general, it’s up to you to manage the tournament.


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