Sunday, February 25, 2018

Knife Hit 1.3.2

Knife Hit is a new, fun and entertaining arcade style entertainment game from Ketangap for Android, which is released for free on Google Play, and at the request of some of your loved ones, on the latest version of the update, with a pocketbook. Infinite for the first time in Iran for download and ahead of you! By installing the Knife Hit on your Android phone, you can experience an interesting game with a simple environment and interesting and challenging stages in which you just need to throw a knife! Slice the logs with your knives or try to unlock new knives by targeting the apples! After all five steps, you will face a difficult challenge, which if you can pass it, you will receive special knives as a prize! Be careful not to throw your knife towards knives or other sharp obstacles, timing and knife timing is very important in this game! Do you think you can handle all the challenges of Knife Hit?


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