Sunday, February 11, 2018

Metal Wings Elite Force

 Metal Wings: Elite Force is a new, fun and addictive game of action and shooting style from the Metal Wings gaming studio for Android devices , which are available for free on Google Play, for example, we’ve always decided for the first time in Iran . Introducing and rejoicing! In the Metal Wings: Elite Force game, you’re on a two-dimensional screen, and with the touch-enabled buttons you can scroll up and down, jump, shoot, throw grenades, and work for hours in an incredibly beautiful environment. ! Different types of characters known as “expert forces” are available in the Metal Wings: Elite Force game and you control all of them and you can take dozens of special missions! On both sides of the enemies, metal crabs or gigantic robots are all set to take your life and you have to eliminate them with bursting shots and clear the steps out of them. do. If you’re an enthusiast of Android games and action games that, despite the low volume of addictive game play and extraordinary build-up, undoubtedly catches on Metal Wings: Elite Force.


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