Sunday, February 11, 2018

Modern Combat Versus 1.4.15

 Modern Combat Versus: The New Online Multiplayer FPS is a new and fantastic modern game from the Game loft Gaming Studio for Android , a global and official version of which was released a couple of hours ago on Google Play for free. And again, as always, we decided with the release And for the first time in Iran, introduce you to the lovers of action games and rejoice! In this version, which is now known as Modern Cubby 6, you will be faced with a new and unique style, with no regard to the difference in game play and fantastic graphics. This version with versions Previously, the most important difference created in the Modern version of Cu bet is the elimination of the single-player story line, which means that there is no longer a story of a single solitaire story and you have to follow the story of the game in a multiplayer fashion! In the game Modern Combat Versus, you can play the role of an individual with unique skills and act on your interests as a killer, defender, attacker or specialist and challenge your abilities! Of course, you can easily personalize your mummies and enjoy the game by collecting points! There are 12 agents in the game, including Mi-Nu, W1FT, LOCK and GH0ST! If you are an entertainer of action games and you like to experience one of the most different of these styles, do not miss the Modern Combat Versus.


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