Sunday, February 11, 2018

Shadow of Death: Dark Knight

Shadow of Death: The Dark Knight – Stickman Fighting – “The Shadow of Death: Dark Knight Mod” is a new and exciting game of action games for Android, which released Zonmob Game Studio for free on Google Play for free hours ago. Again, as always, we decided to introduce you to the actors of the action for the first time in Iran and to rejoice for you again! In the game Shadow of Death, you play the role of the main character, on the 2.5-page screen, move the left side of the screen to the front and eliminate all the creatures one after the other and to achieve the main goal of the effort. do! As the name implies, the main character is a stekmachine called “Max”, which, with its own powers, can destroy everyone! Navigate to the left of the screen with the joystick and shoot enemies with the power buttons on the right and drag them one after the other, and climb the next mission for hours! The Shadow of Death: Dark Knight Mod game is designed to be great for its low volume, and we offer it to all lovers of action games and RPG.


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