Thursday, February 15, 2018

Soccer Manager 2018 1.3.0

Soccer Manager 2018 – Football Manager 2018 is a popular, extremely fun and fun game in the style of sports and soccer management from the studio studio Soccer Manager Ltd for Android. Upon your request, your latest updates, downloaded for download, are ahead of you. ! As with other football management games, you will appear as the director of a football club in Soccer Manager 2018; whoever has all the club’s powers in his hands! You can build your own team, hire different players, create a stadium for your team, and earn money by improving the club to get to the top of the league table! You can choose from among the 800 clubs from 35 countries around the world, and then customize the name of the team, dress and other items of your dream team! Just like a real club manager, make effective decisions, including negotiating for financial support and promotion of sections! If you’re an enthusiast for football club management games.