Sunday, February 11, 2018

Stickman Archer Fight 1.2.5

The Stickman Archer Fight is a new, fun and fun arcade action game arcade game from JDI Game Studio for Android . Up to your request, your latest update, with an infinite amount of coins to download and pre On you! By installing Stickman Archer Fight on your Android tablet or Android, you can experience another arcade game with addictive and addictive game play, in which you will battle the archer’s dummies! Shoot your enemies and eliminate them before they can kill you; yes, the speed at which you act first comes first! The Stickman Archer Fight game is very easy; it is enough to point and shoot, just slide your finger across the screen and hit the target! If the shot hits the enemy, it will disappear with the same beam, but if it drops to body or arms and legs, it will not die, and you will have to shoot another beam! Two different single-player and two-player modes in the Stickman Archer Fight game set to nail you for days! In single-player mode, you record a record and start from easy steps to get tough stages! In doubles mode, you can fight with your friend through a phone.


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