Monday, February 12, 2018

Still Here 0.11.03

Still Here is a new and fun game featuring a unique 2D-style adventure game for Android tablets and smartphones released for free on Google Play and over a period of time over 50,000 times by Android users. All over the world, it has been downloaded and is one of the most popular, and we have been introducing the special games lovers at your request today! In this game you control the lovely characters named Pip, which are working for a particular purpose! You have to move forward on a two-dimensional screen and go through the challenges, putting you tens of different steps to reach the main goal! Control the characters in touch and through the touch of the sides of the screen and take the characters to fly! HD graphics along with excitement and addictive game play all have made Still Here one of the most unique Android games; if you’re an adventure enthusiast with a special game play that, despite the low volume, can be for hours Do not miss the Still Here.


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