Sunday, February 11, 2018

Transit King 1.7

Transit King, the largest shipping company in the simulation and strategic gaming industry, is a Finger soft gaming studio for Android. It is based on your request for loved ones, its latest update, along with an infinite amount of download for download. Delivered to you! As a player and manager of the Transit King simulator, you can set up an unlimited collection of shipping companies as a player and run your big shipping empire! Cities are constantly expanding and their needs for minerals, electronics, clothing, etc. are increasing every day; this is where you can establish a transport company and transfer the materials needed by a city to that profit Take a big poke! After starting your own company and buying several different trucks, you start your business; after your growth, you increase the number of trucks so you can multiply your capital! It is possible to transport a wide range of materials, including minerals, luxury goods, electronic appliances, fruits, chocolates, sweets, juices, etc., and also can do road work, upgrading cars, forming a fleet of cargo cars, etc. And enjoy a special Android strategy game.


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